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宝贝太大了进不去|环卫洒水车To put it bluntly, lv bu can't afford to lose!"Bo yan, this time back to jiangdong, you and I should recommend the duke, must not alliance with lv bu. Gu shao said gravely, the present lu bu is too terrible, just on the front of the guard said those things, just on the front of the soldiers, lu bu is afraid to be above any all the way princes, plus what is the real secret? It's scary to think about it.For this era, the most famous one is undoubtedly the yellow turban uprising. Although the massive peasant uprising was quickly put out, the harm it brought was far-reaching, directly shaking the majesty of the imperial power and the foundation of the country.

"True, conceal the truth!" Guo jia nodded, his eyes flashing with a strange smooth: "I have been looking up information about chang 'an, the merger of the state, luoyang and even hetao western region, there is no obvious change in the army and horses, but there is one thing, do you notice?Close under, can realize that pair of eyes son inside the emotion that reveals."Wing DE, don't be rude! < / p > < p > liu bei stared zhang fei one eye, with guan yu under the guidance of the boy, into the grass hut, zhang fei groaned twice, had to follow.宝贝太大了进不去|Indeed, CAI is jingzhou viceroy water-forces, theory level, above howie, but in fact, jiangxia, howie's private property, in addition to fixed to xiangyang tax every year, the army, appointments, almost all control in the hands of howie, theory of power, of the family as JingXiang howie in CAI difference how many, therefore, that there is the feeling of that command in stationery, howie is not great.

宝贝太大了进不去|"Yes, Sir." Liu bei with a wry smile one hand, the attitude, let the henton much a few minutes, shaking his head and asked: "if you have any friendship with imperial dragon next don't know, but know that the son of dragon last year, I was saved for miss made mainly male quashed the western regions, the enterprise, as long as he is willing to worship an official would not say, the future is limited, but the son dragon before master raised, go, for the former, pardon me disrespect, with imperial today, son Long Re stay at my Lord, if future, never inferior to follow anyway, but for?""Uncle, nephew can not be in xiangyang for a long time, time will provoke the CAI MAO suspicious, but nephew would like to recommend a man to uncle, this man is a strong martial arts, archery such as god, although is old, but still have a million improper brave, if he can have his guard in the side guard, can protect uncle worry free. "Liu pan bowed."Why is that? General office, liu shi a face of vacant looking at a face of bitter son.

Gao shun surprised to see the young general one eye, guan yu ability he but know, not to say guan yu a dao how great, after all, guan yu is not lv bu, even xu chu this and other military officers can kill, but the son is too young.Xu chang, cao fu.Highly profitable business, Chen gong is now both hands.宝贝太大了进不去|




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