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新能源汽车上市公司洗目活眼素"Master ~" xu togeher listened to the two people run, cold sweat straight up, to lombardi hand way: "togeher know people unknown, tired armed forces frustrated, please master to sin."Does it matter?" Lyu3 bu4 squinted at Lan Zhan, calm way: "I haven't investigated you secretly Kirby can, plot to kill me, you dare to come to me?"Nodded, lyu3 bu4 stride into the back of the king's tent, spacious tent, a transpiration of water vapor diffuse, leapt into the eye, but it is amazing scene, a huge bath bucket, a bloodshot carcass in the diffuse of water vapor, looming.

"Just …" Qui-tou hesitated. "Tuoba Ji-fen is also my subordinate, we can send someone to reconcile."The voice of indifference seemed to carry a spell, Is about to escape the soldiers as if in the body of the general stiffened in place, unexpectedly dare not move half a step, lyu3 bu4 cold face toward wang yong, sink a track: "I lyu3 bu4 since asked into the city, in the autumn of the people, in the city soldiers have not harsh, have you ever wondered, if the general died, outside the army will do to you? To the people of the city?""Who dares to go?" Lyu3 bu4 looked up and chilled out, "Those who leave without permission... die!"新能源汽车上市公司Xu Ping, A nephew of xu togeher, In a place like Yecheng, Really is just a trivial little man, but because he is xu togeher nephew, and is xu togeher recommended into the army, although the official position is not high, just a military sima, but in the hands of the real power, lombardi army, xu ping responsible for the transfer of hay, later review with lombardi sent back to supervise hay, then in review with his staff.

新能源汽车上市公司Chapter I Name Spread to the World"This …" Ule shook his head: "Temuzhen adults do not know, but according to some of the generals, Kirby can indeed be the day we left the court, with military forces north, that Kirby can know everything about the court."Tall?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the document, this is Chen Gong personally written.

"I know you have the heart to go to war." Giffin looked at pound's appearance, wry smile way: "just this war, d general took away most of the military forces in hetao, must have a strong will stay guarding hetao, here, is the master's back road, there is no room for any slip, also hope to make can understand.""Khan?" Daxi's eyes flashed with fire and he nodded, "Well, just as your husband said, this time I will lead the troops myself and win this great fame!"新能源汽车上市公司





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