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绪川里绪|好日子小吃车价格"I have made up my mind." Waved his hand, d face a touch of unspeakable tired color: "horse home now only you and my brother, and lyu3 bu4 courage, my heart very suit, if he is willing to help me revenge, call him a master? LingMing, you immediately set out to huaili, Bo Zhan, you led the troops to escort iron brother to LinJing first, I led two thousand cavalry after."Horse cry mixed with the scream of the soldiers, in the eyes of the dismayed call kitchen spring, on both sides of the knight without any sign of the people upside down, rolled down to the ground, only the central cavalry is still galloping."Business matters!" The sable cicada struggled, looked at a face of depressed lyu3 bu4.

"Well." Ma dai looked at d left direction, he knew, this time want to advise brother is difficult, promised, with one thousand cavalry slowed down, at the same time sent investigation ride around, to avoid being cut off."No!" D look slightly changed, a snatch from the attendant's hand rein, harsh voice way: "inform pound, order military forces to meet me, others, keep the city, not me or father can't open the city."Chapter seventeen rainy night hijacking camp绪川里绪|D complexion back to his handsome account, He began to go to the battlefield at the age of twelve, slaughter for many years, or so miserable for the first time, a tentative attack, unexpectedly put in more than three thousand lives, but not even somebody else's wall, was thrown back, more importantly, the morale of the army is low, even the generals around, one by one about the locust, about seibel are afraid of such a tiger.

绪川里绪|"Here!" Zhang embroidered smell speech, hurriedly retreated."The royal family?" Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly a pick, and soon understood what it meant, Don't look at the han yu wei is not in, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, in most people's minds, the han is still orthodox, liu bei played a brand of han clan, deceived for how long, but also only he really get the royal recognition, get the name of the emperor uncle, just began to have a family favor one after another, finally established himself in jingzhou."I have consulted with the general west of the matter." Yang Wang-shen said, "After the establishment of Heishui City, I will assume the post of county magistrate. In addition, the posts of county commandant, county cheng, and tax official will be filled by the chiefs of the various nationalities. My family will no longer fight for them. In addition, there are also 12 townships under Heishan County, each with three elders and a stingy husband, all elected by various nationalities. What do you think?"

"General don't bother." CAI wenji nodded slightly, returned a gift, looked at lyu3 bu4 said: "since the husband has important business, my body first retired.""Just as well, this is the daughter of Cai Yong, a great Confucian scholar of the day, and she will be worthy of a wife." See Han De glance swept to wenji, lyu3 bu4 nature know what he was thinking, smiled, also some happy in the heart, fortunately, these soldiers didn't move wenji, otherwise after one night, even know wenji, the woman can't stay."Hsin-feng County still has court officials?" Lyu3 bu4 at the moment is for another thing and surprised.绪川里绪|




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