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时空谜梦|回收太阳能电池片Snow seems to be bigger, although there is a good snow harvest, but continue to enjoy the mood of snow or not, lv bu let people notice hua tuo, medical camp to save some people, although not necessarily to save how many people, but better than indifferent.Take a step back to say, even if a guli was cheated, han sui did not secretly take refuge with lu bu, but the current situation, such as lu bu back, han sui can hold off lu bu also said, at this time, burn when Lao wang nature is more reluctant to take their fate to bet with han sui.'Sir! Han DE looked at jia xu.

It is late April in the fifth year of jian 'an, and it has not been a good year for herdsmen living in the hetao area since last year."The eastern gate of the capital of the post, temporarily from you to take charge, order each door, shut the gate, no one will not go in without my will." Lyu3 bu4 chose a person in several long, under his insight ability, the ability of anyone can see through at a glance, choose, nature is the strongest one, also is the easiest to convince public.In snow curtain, ground ground appears dozens of cavalry one after another, all female knight gathers come over, look at already coma past, still hold the man of silver gun however, everybody eye flash a touch of respect.时空谜梦|"Well, since it was my son who caught it... "Lyu3 bu4 nodded and was about to promise, suddenly complexion become strange rise, see to oneself of daughter, surprise way:" you just say who?"

时空谜梦|Chapter ii camp of craftsmen"The Lord is wise." Jia xu slightly bow, see to lv bu way: "so, xu want to go to the Wolf qiang camp, personally operate this matter.""The government has gone." Jia xu shen way: "a little quiet not impatient."

Agouri looked at the rope tied to his tendon, and looked around at the han army, some pity to kun mu, this child, is not the brain kicked by the horse, you can not run, how can I run like this?The table and chair that forge out in artisan camp already promoted now, after all is not what needs too high technology thing, include stirrup, horseshoe also is not what technology content is too high thing likewise, add more convenient, because this spreads fast also.Tian feng looked at yuan shao, but a sigh, leave, give a mouth, see tian feng left the direction, he is also not in favor of rashly deal with lv bu, just yuan shao had this idea, plus guo tu and others cuanduo, just went a step of confused chess, but even the zu also do not think lu bu really threat yuan shao ability.时空谜梦|




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