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蓝基博尼|一体化盘"Have you ev heard from that Lord?" Handsome, seibel brows deep lock, asked the intelligence officer.Dark night, he man with men can't detect zhong yao they left traces, has been chasing after xinfeng, until met wei yan on the road."Master!" Cheng Gongying bit his teeth, looked at the han sui way: "d horse fast, go on like this, I will be caught up sooner or later, master hurry to ji county early deployment, d, will be stopped by me!"

"Fuck off!" D stuffy hum 1."Husband, Korea hence take the initiative to give up hanyang county, let our army didn't move a soldier a pawn, got a county, why see husband's appearance, but not too happy?" Yang Xi doubted to lyu3 bu4.I hope so!蓝基博尼|"Wild goose gate zhang liao here, Korea hence old thief, also don't commit suicide to apologize!" In the battle array, the first general in the hands of steel gun sprinkled with cold stars, passing by, leaving a corpse, rushed to the left and right in the array, did not give the army a chance to assemble, in a moment, the rear of the position has been completely collapsed.

蓝基博尼|Liang Xing coughed up a mouthful of blood, a long time before struggling to stand up under the support of QinWei, frightened to look at d, some weak way: "brothers, d has said, the day of the city broken, is when I die, so why not die!""Little general, no!" Then came the pound smell speech face can not help but change, originally the defenders in the city by d a gun intimidation, if again to lure intimidation, not necessarily can't force each other to open the gates to surrender, now d words, equal to cut off the west cool army's life, defenders in the city, also not desperate to resist?

"Master said, meet you this kind of literati, a word can't answer, tied up first say again, oh, by the way, put his mouth shut up for me!" He Yi-hei said with a smile, "You literati, one by one, are full of bad water, but you can't follow your path.""Yes, my staff will do it." Lieutenant promised, turned away."Adult, it..." Li Bao left, general looked to zhong yao.蓝基博尼|




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