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梁伟发最新去向|51soleWhen zhang song heard this, he could not help sighing."You don't say, I don't say, who knows, quickly say!" Zhang fei some impatient way.Five rounds of arrows had been fired from the broken crossbow, and the men who had been in charge of drawing the strings had already spent most of their strength, and the others had quickly replaced them. After they had drawn a distance, they continued to adjust the Angle and press down the crossbow according to the instructions of the ensign.

Alliance, sometimes really unreliable!The sudden arrow rain directly hit cao jun meng, this was the first time they encountered across a square to beat another square, the arrow's range, at least four hundred steps."Well!" The military order was so heavy that lv meng could only nod his head in agreement. However, he was still unwilling to say, "the governor should not take risks personally. At the end, he would like to go on behalf of the governor."梁伟发最新去向|Xunyou suddenly, with the name of yingchuan, heard about it naturally. After thinking about it, xunyou smiled and said, "since you and I each have their own words, you have a compromise idea for the reference of duke xuande."

梁伟发最新去向|"That is because zhou yu did not want to lose too many soldiers and horses in jiangxia." Zhuge liang shook his head and said, "if he had explored the place where our grain and grass were kept and put to good use, would yide still be alarmist?"Zhou an looked at zhou yu, his throat shook, but could not speak, finally turned into a suppressed roar, spread across the river......

At the command of zhou yu, the boats were pushed into the water camp. Five hundred of lv meng's best men went to bed early.Gao shun and zhang liao were the first two generals under lv bu's command, and their skills were all of the top ones. Although the five generals were the main generals of the elite army, each of them was a rebellious and rebellious person, they had to keep their temper in front of them."No! A few other people complexion change, the person of the head direct threw the torch into firewood pile, at the same time pull out weapon to prepare desperately, at this time, an arrow feather pierced his back head, directly from the middle of the eyebrow out a piece of arrow cluster, the face still wear ferocious expression, but already stiff down, straight fall on the ground.梁伟发最新去向|




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