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running man e66|单眼天珠Before well, lyu3 bu4 while asking, but I can't forget this talent, Addis can specifically for women to watch, can't let him run, pang tong humble scholars, so for freedom is quite loose, by contrast, at least not tied to a fellow prisoner of hire is much more painful, be put in the general office of bavin room directly, let a person to once a day, but also can't let him eat satisfied, open JingXiang star, this month, but much more tragic.A han dynasty had appeared the forging technology and drawings, took two thousand achievement points on the philips master memory in the form of memory, indeed trouble, therefore lyu3 bu4 also specially to pu fostered a master, after all, this kind of weapon, in combat immediately has a very strong lethality, sharp, hard, qualitative light, the only drawback is the production, according to the pu the calculation of the master, even if the crush, day and night to the productivity of mill at present, to ensure the quality, in the coming year spring also can create one thousand, plus the stirrup, horseshoe and process more complicated the task of rhubarb crossbows, lyu3 bu4 can take three hundred next year."Will... The army... "Stretcher, xiukuo sea has not completely coma, weak grasp zhang liao's hand:" quick rescue Mr. Wen worry...... "

Fifty-six female soldiers, but a three stone rhubarb crossbow, as long as the terrain is suitable, xianbei people are not afraid of more."Well!" Gao shunsu rong way, all over, surging with a xiao kill gas."This...... What does this mean, general?" Juyan king some awkward looking at zhaoyun, do not understand way.running man e66|Chapter five the day of the chicken

running man e66|"Brother, see you a few heel elder brother congenial, some words tell you, but don't spread out to me!" Jun han leant on the back of a qiang soldier, let oneself relaxed some, looking at the crowd, a face said mysteriously."Why are the three here?" Lv bu put down cut horse sword, look at three people doubt way.At that moment, Chen gong opened his mouth. Lu bu, who was already on horseback, suddenly looked back at Chen gong and said, "will they start fighting today?"

Kun mu just left after hearing his words.What are the four dimensions of lv bu? In addition to the spirit is still climbing in the two star, strength, physique, agility are four star level, no matter which is the same, let lu bu once again, will directly create a certain ability to reach the peak of mankind, let lu bu become the absolute first in this era!"Go around and don't see these people." Lu lingqi groans, dozens of women dressed in military uniforms on the road, it is really not easy to hide, anyway the purpose of this trip is not jingxiang, immediately go around the city, to the direction of nanyang.running man e66|




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