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刘荷娜和林志颖|重庆黄页"How do I know that the Lord brought it from the western regions to be used as oil?" Pound shook his head, but he did not understand. Turning to the crowd, he said, "take some of the whole ones back and show them to the Lord.In the end, fu DE decided to give the secret order to liu bei. After all, he was liu biao's designated successor of jingzhou and had won jingzhou. More importantly, liu bei was a relative of han family and was most suitable for the royal family as a foreign aid.

"Father, is zhuge liang very powerful? Why is father so nervous?" Lv zheng did not understand.Zhang song long ugly, family is not how to force, all the time, have not been valued by liu zhang, and even feel that such a person in their side some eyesolor, but when zhang song really left, liu zhang some panic, because he suddenly found that there is no available people around.And there is a point is right, now under the rule of lu bu's science and technology is indeed to crush vassal, especially a variety of crossbow coordinated combat methods gradually replaced the original fighting methods, each war loss is not proportional to the situation, this complacent pride naturally arises spontaneously.刘荷娜和林志颖|General "rest assured, these are all of the new recruit up military forces, last year, the master had to recruit in western area, opened ten thousand han places, as long as can set exploits, was allowed into the han, the western area, master this time, the western regions hundreds of purveyance Hu Bing, were it not for gathering military forces and training delayed some time, I'm afraid I have to!"

刘荷娜和林志颖|Out of the city is more than a dozen people, at the moment is a group of women in a twinkling of an eye to chainattacker killed seven or eight, and then in the separate astonished eyes, this group of women not only didn't, but the fierce rushed up to, someone want to resist, but see this group of women a counterspells the wrist and hand more than I do not know when a dagger, quickly cut off each other's throat, and then quickly back off.Thanks to see seam drill before seibel sneak attack, let cao cao to the camp to build strong anomalies, can use the camp as the foundation, to build a checkpoint, at the same time to recuperate, army plugging in tiger prison GuanLi seibel, although there is no lay a tiger firmly shut, but lu bu want the tiger fastened shut troops have to break the barriers."Ahem ~" pang tong hurriedly withdrew his legs, sitting upright, fingers from the nostril out, wei yan saw a crystal silk along pang tong's little finger was pulled long, suddenly a burst of nausea.

All the people then remembered, ling bao alsoChapter 71 the undercurrent east of the river"No wine in the army! Wei yan jujube's general face has begun to appear black, staring at pang tong's hand, but he remembered just that silk crystal is using this hand, a face determined: "but the Lord ordered us to seek shu zhong, we are here all day long idle and zhang ren confrontation, not to shame the Lord trust.As a son of fa zheng, zhang song was no stranger to him, but when he left the middle of shu with fa yan, he was still a teenager. Now eight years have passed and he has become a young man.刘荷娜和林志颖|




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