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宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|大汉针灸笔"Master." On zhou yu's boat, a middle-aged man in white armor came to zhou yu. He sat down with zhou yu and looked at the river."Open the gate! Xiongkuo sea waved, zhou cang and jiang lost with two teams of hussars riding on both sides of the gate, with xiongkuo sea gave an order, the gate was slowly opened, was excitedly attacking the gate of wood armor in front of suddenly empty, borrowedInto the city gate."A person who knows shu well must go there." Jia xu smiled and nodded.

"He dares! Zhang fei stared."My Lord has been famous to brother ziqiao for a long time. I am very sorry for the suffering of brother ziqiao. Fa is looking at zhang song, smiling.Chapter 51 wavering"Sure enough! Zhuge liang shen said: "take the horse, immediately rushed to huyang, should still be in time."宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|"Brother ziyu! Several famous onlookers quickly stepped forward and helped wang up. One of them, an old man, glared at meng da and said, "meng da, even if you are not a king, you once had a battle with your Lord, Lord, king and minister. ?"

宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|In the thin light of dawn, hundreds of these wooden shells were moving slowly, looking like a swarm of giant beetles charging at ique pass."Close the door! Ranging from soldiers found forces around jingzhou react to rush city, holds a wave of the sea, two soldiers quickly will close the gate, a title of generals in ancient times camp six or seven frame wooden beast could reaction, in the gate a title of generals in ancient times around the camp warriors have malicious wai, a short body, hands Tibet directly on the wooden armour underneath the pairs of people cut back in the past, in a flash, the shrill scream, countless soldiers fell, lost her legs of jingzhou whining noise.The dense clusters of arrows hit the thick shield, and many of them were directly bounced off. The big shield was covered with a layer of cooxhide, and the inside was also inlaid with iron. Ordinary bows and arrows could not break through the defense of the shield.

Chapter 70 the beginning of the rebellion"Now that he has given up trying to get out of the city to fight, our troops cannot lose their momentum!" Cao cao cold hum 1: "can soldiers and horses ever prepare?"But before liu bei had finished speaking, cao cao stopped him.宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|





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