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鲁音屋|三效疤复平Sitting in the jolting carriage, zhuge liang closed the map, sighed lightly and looked at liu bei's side.Chapter 21 the conflict between dragon and phoenix"Shout ~"

But xiangyang won, the next thing can be a lot of, CAI kuai two with a way of mutual destruction out of the leadership position of jingzhou family, originally belong to CAI kuai two things also have a large part of the ownerless things, such as the manor, such as shops and fields.While he was thinking of these things, the other had arrived at the gate of the city, about a dozen people, each with a look of unspeakable weariness.Lyu3 bu4 the rise of a truth taught liu bei, family is important, but also cannot ignore people, he can't go like lu bu for family, but this down estate must no longer points out, only to grasp in the hand, liu bei to actually control the heart, if the current points out, it can make family of centering, but later?鲁音屋|"Why is that? Lu bu looked at pang tong dao.

鲁音屋|Chapter 19 the title is dead"Two!" The small school ignored zang ba's clamor and just gave an indifferent count.The other side avoids this to kill a sword in lyu3 bu4 while obviously took a fright, however the sword in the hand is to follow lyu3 bu4 ruying4 sui4 kind again attack, the control power of the sword in the hand, already arrived the environment.

"Why the frown?" < / p > < p > baiji envoy left, liu xie see cao cao complexion is not good, hurriedly laughed.Just when cao cao put down the assassination of the storm, the whole kanto land into the situation of self - danger, the news from the north let cao cao have a worse feeling."Brother guang sheng should not embarrass shuhuan. If it were not for the sovereign, how could brother shuhuan have the courage to come to this undeveloped land?" Another Confucian scholar sat next to zheng xiaotong, shaking his head and laughing, saying, "but brother shuhuan, if you come here to show off your origin, you really come to the wrong place. You should go back home and show off your peasants. Oh... Almost forget, wei jia seems to have been not in hedong, but do not know in xu chang have got the property? If not, you can come to chang 'an. The land of the government can be rented, but it will not be given to anyone."鲁音屋|




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