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镰田紘子|大连西太平洋石化"What did the general say?" Ford's heart beat a little faster, but he looked blankly at Chen."Go down." Lu bu waved his hand."Oh ~"

The others were all on the alert, following the direction the soldier pointed out, and all of them looked at the river, but saw a big ship floating in this direction, but strangely, there was no one on the ship, as if it were an empty ship, floating on the river.Chapter 78 influence"My sister understands that she had similar feelings when she heard the bad news about bo fu. But you shouldn't have said the last word. Even if it was your husband who killed you, what would you like?" Big Joe glared at her.镰田紘子|"Well!" Several generals marched zhang ren, who was howling with anger.

镰田紘子|Wei yan is a good opponent, his reputation is enough, identity is also one of lu bu's generals, as long as can defeat him, enough to make yan yan famous."I think liu DHS general should not deaf ears, I just want to remind liu DHS general way, since sussing out eight years, my family for the first time in the guanzhong general liu hong merchants, had made a lot of money regardless of costs and losses along the way, should be around seven hundred thousand, served for the past five years, every year, the general send home heart laments the hong merchants, and is becoming more and more big, five years down, revenue should be about as many as tens of millions of money, I Pang tong looked at liu with a sneerFor sun quan, this is the best outcome, even after know this matter, sun quan, in the moment of guilt in the heart, because he knew that zhou yu actually don't have to sneak attack, he was jiangdong viceroy, too many people are willing to work for his desperate, but he is himself, that is, zhou yu has been aware of their own, but in order to jiangdong, he didn't come out against sun quan, but led the hatred to jingzhou.

"Good, good! < / p > < p > housekeeper meng da finally let go, hurried to nod a promise, under the leadership of meng da, two people one after one has been out of chengdu.Soldiers, Chen to clear insight into the opponent's intentions, from fighting, lv meng this tactic is not difficult, but see through, does not mean to stop the water army command, to Chen has practiced hard over the years, but practice preachings, completely can't keep up with the changes of the speed of each other's rhythm, and gradually by the other party holding, oneself can only helplessly looking at warships have been overturned, then each other like a Wolf jump, eating away at the soldiers at the life."Tell the battalions not to resist. They'll be all right." Meng da indifferent way.镰田紘子|




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