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陈妍希的老公是谁|天年电解水机"Yes."Step root defeat, also represents the five tribes officially turned against the king's court, the next morning, Kirby can let a few surrendered soldiers will step root's body back to the king's court, of course, this is not out of good intentions, but to further blow the king's morale.Zhang he didn't expect d anger, unexpectedly make a breakthrough again, frightened at the same time, point steel gun to block, still can't completely block, d a shot in the shoulder, point steel gun eat pain in the hand, almost out of hand rather than.

"Well, women, and patronizing women, right?" Lyu3 bu4 see this goods have a gushing posture, waved and said: "tell me your amazing secret." He doesn't mind these things."Yes!" Step root took a deep breath, can't use temuzhen, look at the whole xianbei king's court, also only he has this ability, now stood up, to the kui head solemnly a gift, then looked at others, sink a track: "This matter is so decided, let's go first."Lyu3 bu4 under the han people is precious, Don't say lyu3 bu4, Giffin also don't want to let the han people to dig mines, Therefore, not only the Western Regions, Hetao and even the west cool also have sent troops, The grasslands are now a mess, The tribes seized territory, Like a tray of loose sand, At this time, Xianbei people are undoubtedly the best to deal with, Almost one tribe, one tribe, was taken back as a slave, Less than four or five hundred, more than five or six thousand, from the western regions to zhangye road, can be seen everywhere a large number of xianbei slaves were escorted to zhangye, in order to prevent these slaves riots, xu rong sheng from d to ma dai and ten thousand military forces, his side also sent ten thousand military forces, specially responsible for suppressing these xianbei people.陈妍希的老公是谁|Chapter sixteen three-legged trend

陈妍希的老公是谁|But you can't do that, Stephen had broken into a trap that had been laid beforehand, Even without a hundred thousand dollars, Sixty or seventy thousand certainly gathered together, without any preparation, defeat is inevitable, however, the five big tribes, after all, is five tribes rather than one, these military forces can't always together, plus just beat step root main force, is the least wary, lyu3 bu4 is best at fighting, is this unprepared battle."Congratulations to the host for obtaining Xianbei Qi Yun bonus and greatly improving all attributes."

After the war liquidation, plus lyu3 bu4 brought five thousand military forces, the whole barracks, add up to thirty thousand people, the other or death or escape, lyu3 bu4 also can't run to chase these people at the moment."Ule!" Lyu3 bu4 recruited with their own war generals.Say that finish, then want to cross the sword commit suicide, but was guo figure, every ji rushed up to block, lombardi ugly, also know some of his words said heavy, just at the moment to change his mouth, but it is difficult, cold hum 1, wave a way: "today should have beheaded you, but now is the war, kill you in morale, today and mailed in the item, expelled from the camp, will not be hired!"陈妍希的老公是谁|




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