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好大啊好深还要的黄文|速康Pang shiyuan, whom zhuge liang knew, had a lot of shortcomings in his character. Zhuge liang was good at strengthening his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses."General liu has been tired all the way. "I don't know what happened, but zhang ren didn't think he wanted to hear what he said, at least not in front of so many soldiers who came to hear the news. So zhang ren tried to stabilize liu ren first, but before zhang ren could utter his words, he made a noise"Huh?" Lv meng finally from the huge blow to sober up, now absolutely can't mess up!

He sighed and looked at zhang ren and gave him a slight salute. "general zhang," he said, "I'm not disloyal These a few days, wronged general, when I break through chengdu, to general again! Pull down, good health care, must not neglect."Early wei yan, lyu3 bu4 under more general, in lyu3 bu4 strategic center of gravity was still in the land of the north, Wei Yanbang lyu3 bu4 blocking the east portal, luoyang early game he is almost one host, zhuge liang in longzhong, began to study lu bu under various characters, and slightly to the Israeli army, even lyu3 bu4 under in Athens as a cloud, wei is enough to the top three, are not under zhang liao, seibel.Pang tong was about to speak when the ground shook. The crowd looked up and saw a cavalry moving in this directionCame, the speed is not fast, the number of only dozens of people, but there is a face of thousands of troops galloping momentum, along the way, the people subconsciously avoid to leave.好大啊好深还要的黄文|"I see." Pang tong nodded: "so, general liu is not ready to rule with me?"

好大啊好深还要的黄文|"Oh ~"As for the middle of shu, it was not easy for lu bu to enter shu, but it was even more difficult for the troops in the middle of shu to get out."General zhang ren? Lu zheng twist a head to look at zhang ren, specifically requested, this is zhang ren lu bu and personally ordered to milan, with lu zheng understanding of their own Lao tze, were it not for this as a true have ability, how can lu bu so highly, treat people, since the childhood, plus lyu3 bu4 precept, lu zheng or very seriously, not to direct command.

However, cao cao is not xiang yu, lyu3 bu4 nor that year is the fall of qin, the intrepid battle effectiveness of group in guanzhong plain, far beyond the liu bei, and after a steady stream of conference semifinals was sent with them desperately, let liu bei some tired, the heart has got the announcement, especially zhuge liang in the letter has not been too good, illustrates the JingXiang situation should also prepare troops and zhuge liang shu, in order to prevent jiangdong enter, need to liu bei sat back to jingzhou.Big Joe and small Joe out of the study, send someone to inform jia xu, big Joe just relieved, some clearly blame of saw a younger sister, not very angry way: "now good? I made my husband angry.""Before you brought the letter, the consigliere had secretly told me about you." Chen said, "who are you?"好大啊好深还要的黄文|





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