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强奷系列小说在线阅读|世杰三轮车"Trick? Lv meng rolled his eyes and pointed to the surroundings, saying, "what kind of trick can there be? Or were their men lying in wait under the water? This boat doesn't draw very deep, and if there were any men in it, it wouldn't be more than ten. Go and tow her.""Son of a bitch, how dare you!" Zhang ren shouted angrily."The sooner the better, kong Ming these days uninterrupted letter urging." Liu bei shen voice way: "just how withdraw troops, still want to discuss with two consiglists one time."

When normal troops were attacked by the enemy, they would inevitably lose their heads or lose their morale. But in the eyes of these barbarians, there was no such emotion at all."Don't talk nonsense, I was joking." Wei yan hurriedly said, although he wanted to fight, but important things because of this let pang tong die, he would rather accept the peace of shu.强奷系列小说在线阅读|"General liu, calm down!" Looking at the menacing arrival of liu, meng da hastened to rescue him

强奷系列小说在线阅读|"Be." The nighthawk saluted little Joe and disappeared out the door.In the imperial palace, the cries of anger could be heard from a great distanceImmediately, two pro - guard forward, direct pang tong hands.

If ever, according to the rules, the shu army at least also want to lay off half, only elite, but for now coming, intones difficult line, also not good again from changan and luoyang military forces, and although the guanzhong army elite, but, after all, quite special, and that a set of methods in guanzhong plain in shudu doesn't fit, but is more convenient to use the shu army, and swaney, ling bract these dependency to defect of shu will be more proficient in combat, with their help, more can get twice the result with half the effort.Guan yu wen yan, looked at liu bei, nodded and said, "everything is decided by the eldest brother.""Lord?" < / p > < p > under the hall, the subpoena of the soldiers worried to see sun quan.强奷系列小说在线阅读|




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