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老板挖高速地基|博兴老粗布价格Champion Hou, Without an actual fiefdom, But in the han dynasty, the marquis for four hundred years, only one seal, that is huo qubing, the god of war of the big fellow, weak crown year, north is the huns, named Wolf JuXu, with this merit, this is not only a knight, but a symbol of honor, as the han dynasty for four hundred years, the first merit to catch up with huo qubing, lyu3 bu4 is indeed entitled to this honor.For a moment, step root seems to understand what, a sense of crisis suddenly came, a pain in the waist and abdomen, step root back, but see before also all the way to follow suit, with his side uncle akun, but now look ferocious, holding a dagger in his hand, between the waist and abdomen of progress degree root.People have a blind following mentality, Especially when the master is killed, Without a leader, instinctively make choices that are good for you, with the exception of a few die-hards, Most of the soldiers chose to surrender, On the prairie, Bow down to the strong is not a shameful thing, let alone the highest leader Ke sin and to jin stop tu is dead, resistance also has no meaning, plus lyu3 bu4 now represents xianbei court, this is a righteousness, even if xianbei people don't have the concept of righteousness, but to avoid harm, the trend is common everywhere.

Hetao, beautiful millet, just established in the county government, giffin is browsing the recent west cool, harmony state and the direction of the western regions back to the official documents.Although still unclear, But in the dark, As they perceive, He in lyu3 bu4 strategy, twist a head to look at has been a mess of camp, two people reached a consensus at the same time, no matter why lyu3 bu4 give up this opportunity, but now it is not important, since lyu3 bu4 let them play, can only pick up the troops of kirby can first, as for the next thing, two people can also guess.He Yi swept the two Yuan Jun away with a stick, turned his head and roared, "The gate is still open!"老板挖高速地基|Zhang he pale, see gun flowers will devour him, but suddenly at the foot of the horse a soft, crashing down, d a stab empty, zhang he escaped a bullet, also regardless of the image, a lazy donkey rolling on the spot, avoid d crotch horse stampede, turned to rob a horse, turned around and ran.

老板挖高速地基|"Master ~" xu togeher listened to the two people run, cold sweat straight up, to lombardi hand way: "togeher know people unknown, tired armed forces frustrated, please master to sin.Stupid!"Yes." Step root smell speech, promised 1, turned away.

"All right, send a team to occupy Mayi first!" Giffin sink a track.The bleak trumpet sounded in the fall of the Ur cadre, a team of soldiers responsible for warning ran to YuanMen mouth, want to YuanMen closed, but suddenly opposite the cavalry has rushed in, cold machetes a knife cut, haven't had time to rushed to YuanMen soldiers were immediately annihilated in the torrent of darkness.Chapter 53 don't teach hu ma du yinshan老板挖高速地基|




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