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上海港湾学校学分制名将三国推广号"Yes, your excellency, not long ago Zhang Gu came to the dining room, ordered me in the adult and all the soldiers in the food and drink, poison!" Fei San said that finish, carefully looked at lyu3 bu4."Don't chase him!" Wei yan looked at coss formation, know this person is not weak, although in retreat, but always against his charge, really chase up, not necessarily for good, his purpose is to occupy tiger fastened, not with jun decisive battle, at the moment or occupy tiger fastened again, as for coss, such as xu sheng army arrived, tidy up again he is not too late.Vol. 5 Male Hegemonic Side

With a sigh, cao cao looked at xu togeher and said, "even if it doesn't take long, there's no place for cao cao. Since tzu yuan is willing to come, can you tell me what to do?"Such words and actions, for the chiefs of the two tribes, in fact, has been with a certain insult and despise, important things in the past, two people will not give up easily, but now, in the face of lyu3 bu4, two people did not contradict what, after a glance at each other, with their own close guard.Dozens of HeGan warriors roared toward each other, but the other side turned a blind eye, will be a cluster of arrows at the HeGan clan leader, an arrow like a shooting star, HeGan clan leader afraid of the other side of the fierce, is about to ride away, but heard a tear sound behind the ear, accompanied by the people around the heart-rending cry.上海港湾学校学分制Little maidservant hit a shiver, obedient way: "Yes."

上海港湾学校学分制"Elder, the Timothy is outside telling the king to speak."Strong body stiffened, bowed his head, looked at the chest protruding arrow cluster, throat sent a cluck strange noise, finally turned into a cry of grief and indignation, majestic body roared off the horse, built up a dust, lost his master horses linger around his master, doubtful looking at the fall of the master, for a long time do not want to leave.Conspiracy, this thing is from the beginning of the conspiracy against the king's court, the five major tribes, even the furthest Kirby can all arrived, then the other three tribes?

As for why kui head to kill his own brother, this kind of thing, in the prairie is too common, in order to khan, brother mutilation is very common, the huns tribe patriarch call hutch springs is not also killed at that time or ZuoXianWang brother in fu Luo, successfully ascended to the throne of the huns khan?The closed door suddenly slowly opened, followed by a team of black armor, even the face is covered with helmets, leaving only a pair of eyes outside the troops with heavy steps slowly appeared from the officer's mouth, each holding a crossbow in his hand.The burst of sound, echoed in the open valley, a sense of stillness let a person feel a little creepy, bad feeling in the heart continue to spread.上海港湾学校学分制





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