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单纯考试二点激鼾停"Dogs and thieves! I swear to kill you!" Marten eyes canthus to crack, looked at Korea hence, gnashing teeth."Look for yourself." Seibel also don't answer, directly handed Chen Xing bamboo paper through.Heavy gates slowly open, has been waiting outside the gate of lyu3 bu4 with military forces into the city, no longer deliberately hidden trail, crisp horseshoe sound finally caught the attention of the defenders in the city.

Princess Wannian?"I have heard some." Hua tuo puzzled to lyu3 bu4, don't understand why he asked.单纯考试General mansion lobby, giffin, marotta, Chen Gong three people stand in front of lyu3 bu4, looking at Chen Gong face serious look, lyu3 bu4 smiled and said: "let me guess, cao cao and lombardi war, or west cool change?"

单纯考试But the martial arts side, Candidate in know guarding city general is a young general, Light enemy rushed in, ate a small loss, was Chen xing night attack, almost bombing camp, after knowing that guarding city generals difficult to deal with, candidate also completely put out the idea of storming martial arts, with twenty thousand to three thousand, storming words can naturally take, but the loss must be huge, it is better to preserve the strength, as for the court can make the difference, hey, who cares."I'm fine." D took a deep breath, suppressed the frustration in my heart, turned his head and smiled at Pound. "We are still young, one day, I will surpass him!"

"Master is very." Before Ford could speak, Guo Tu, who was beside him, laughed and said, "Lyu3 bu4 is light and untrustworthy, and is no longer in harmony with the world. Now our army is going south to wipe out Cao Cao and wait for the master to unify the central plains. Lyu3 bu4, however, needs only one member of the master to station troops in Hedong.That night, the huns left overnight, when he left, also took away with a just shipped food, will Korea with gas almost vomiting blood, now he is the most short of food, the damn huns!With lyu3 bu4 's constitution, Naturally, we can continue to do so, But these men are not as strong as he is, overnight, Slaughter twenty thousand huns, sounds like blood surging, but their bodies have reached the limit, continue to kill, I'm afraid the military forces can't fight a few battles, there is no, must think of a way to go on like this, don't say you only five thousand people, even fifty thousand people are not necessarily enough to fight, after a failure, the huns will certainly raise their guard.单纯考试




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