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漂亮大学女老师的诱惑|九制藏精"General, we did it!" "Snapped one of the generals.But others, zhuge liang but can not ignore."Send someone to send the message to the Lord, waiting for luoyang to take the next step, in addition... "Liu bei took a look at liu bei's camp which had been dismantled into ruins, and those who began to put on POTS of fighters in the western regions, frowned and said:" ask the Lord, whether these people transferred back to training again? Still have yi que the back of the hand that pass can't slacken, if liu bei kills a return horse gun to come back at this time, although possibility is not high, but must prevent."

"Don't worry, general. I'll take it with me." After two people again to meng da fist, then put on the soldiers' armor, in meng da led, left the house, soon disappeared in the end of the street."You...... ""Wang Yin can't move." Liu bei shook his head, this point he is very sober, if you can break luoyang, lv bu back to guanzhong, this wang Yin, now has become a hot potato, liu bei is never to touch, even if he does have the qualification to seal the king is not good, no strength, and also did not break guanzhong, what sealEspecially the battle of yi que pass, liu bei half property take out, can't break a barrier, the strong bow of the other side also let liu bei realize the gap of both sides truly, although the ballista of kongming is fierce, but the range is too close, and he also can't march to battle every time, let the soldiers head the wooden beast line army.漂亮大学女老师的诱惑|"Rest assured, we have relevant information in guanzhong from all the counties along the way. General deng can send someone to find out the truth first. Pang tong said with a smile, lu bu had not planned for the middle of shu for a day or two. Almost every city had a detailed plan.

漂亮大学女老师的诱惑|"Does the general mean there are fine works in the army?" Ford's face changed and he frowned at Chen.Put up in chengdu after the fall of resolutely surrender veteran yan yan, zhuge liang's face did not have too much after the victory of joy, thought that road into shu is a royal road to learning, however, the sudden fall of chengdu, let zhuge liang plan completely disrupted, and appear the guanzhong team in chengdu, more let ZhuGeLiangXin sorrow."Now that we are going to use zhang ren, we have to use some means." Fashi smiled.

"General, get out of here. The men can't carry this. These fools are crazy!" < / p > < p > xing daorong killed guan yu side, panting like cattle pulled guan yu, whining, he is really some kill afraid."Well!"Sunset, the sun is still a piece of residual in the mountains, it seems to struggle to prove their own sense of existence to this piece of earth, yique pass is still fighting sound.漂亮大学女老师的诱惑|




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