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克罗斯河大猩猩|藏王草胶囊When lu lingqi came to the camp, lu bu was trying out a new rhubarb crossbow in the camp. The research on the supposed serial crossbow did not go so well, but the craftsmen made a platoon crossbow that could release two or three crossbows at one time.Really have a lot of day, several challenges counterparts, fortunately, the west cool fighters are experienced battle, through this opportunity, quickly set up their own prestige, were the warriors in the zero, first, of course, there are several accepted the west is cool, pound had Israeli army under the rule of law, since made a promise, will also promote them up, not only have no effect on their own prestige, has won the first zero recognition, many status gradually stabilized."In the lower regions... "

"Success or failure of this battle, still in guandu ah!" Lu bu plunged the branches into the ground and finally shrank them down. Cao cao could only fight in guandu if he wanted to win the battle.Female soldiers were stopped outside the camp, even as the daughter of lu bu, unless the special permission of lu bu, otherwise there is no qualification to lead the troops into the camp."Ha!" Liu bao heart suddenly have a very absurd feeling, like an assassin staring at him, pointing to the eagle way: "who can shoot down this beast, I will promote him to do commander!"克罗斯河大猩猩|"Back to the west cool! Lv bu turned his horse's head and continued to kill him without any meaning. After this battle, xiongnu's reputation or strength was severely damaged, and there was no way to threaten xiliang in the short term.

克罗斯河大猩猩|Lyu3 bu4 face heavy cold look at the dark tu the army with collapse as if to the power of heaven and earth as the flood surge, a wave of his hand, the column into three rows of a title of generals in ancient times the camp held up the rhubarb crossbow, the former two rows of squat down or crouch, cold JianCu aimed at getting closer and closer to tu the workforce.The earth began to tremble slightly, and the cattle and sheep began to get restless and stop eating grass. The old herdsman drove the cattle and sheep to leaveThe old hound ran anxiously up and down beside his master's horse, calling twice from time to time in the direction which seemed so dangerous to him, and getting nearer and nearer, that he could see him clearly."What do you mean, jian gong?" Fang Ming's heart sank, several other home owners also face a change, looking at the division horse defense.

In this stormy world, as a royal woman, in such a place as xuchang, even in ordinary days with the cold, elegant and noble temperament will be armed up, but after pulling off that layer of coat, still a woman, need men to rely on.Shook his head, castellan some disappointment, at present hetao situation has been trapped by liu bao, unless the tu, first zero, Wolf qiang immediately stop, otherwise, the huns is through the crisis.The sky was dark, and the wind and snow whimpered, and the wind and snow stirred up all around them, and the visibility was less than twenty feet, but in the midst of the storm, there were some dull sounds like thunder, the sound of hoofs on the ground.克罗斯河大猩猩|





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