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男女朋友交往正常进度|13137109668"Lord?" < / p > < p > under the hall, the subpoena of the soldiers worried to see sun quan."Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day.""Be." The nighthawk saluted little Joe and disappeared out the door.

"General liu is eating the meat that my guan zhong points out, the mouth still wants to scold my guan zhong usurper, think general liu also is a person of noble origin, should know lian shameless 2 words how to write just rightness." Pang tong smiled.At the time of confrontation between two people, a small school galloped to, looking at the confrontation between two people, some stunned, meng da indifferent way: "speak.""This is called masterful strategy, learn well, don't all day long just want to fight. Pang tong proudly smile, that a smelly face, coupled with the now impotent expression, let wei yan have a kind of go up to give him a hard hit the impulse.男女朋友交往正常进度|"I know what the general is going to say, but liu zhang has his eye on meng da's wife and wants to force her to give up his wife. Therefore, meng da and liu zhang have left each other." "Now, liu zhang," he replied with a sneer, "would say he has betrayed his people

男女朋友交往正常进度|"Including you! Liu zhang at the moment the brain is suddenly awake, looking at meng da, cold voice way."Lord?" < / p > < p > under the hall, the subpoena of the soldiers worried to see sun quan.More importantly, pang tong brought with him langzhong's troops, that is to say, an army of 100,000 troops from langzhong had fallen to lv bu, which was the majority of troops in shu. Chengdu now has 30,000 garrison troops, but so what? There is no place to ask for help now, plus the deviation of the internal hearts, the garrison soldiers are not out of the state, otherwise, pang tong brought only 20,000 people, how can give chengdu so much pressure?

To break siege ladder was hit directly, guan yu and dejong fell seven meat eight element, looked around his brain burst in the conference semifinals, two people can't help but qi qi to lambaste 1, follow guan yu to kill a school hand a knife on the wall also failed to escape, guan yu dark hate in the heart, but also know that this moment is not the time for pipe these, together with dejong, hold up a piece of wood, quickly go to retreat."In addition to this, he will also bring orders for his master to ride an hussar." The magnificent sea from the arms took out a token, show to all the way.Looking at a excited hu people in the western region, the eyes flashing that inexplicable ray of horror rushed over here, guan yu is like pry open their head to see what structure their brain is?男女朋友交往正常进度|




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