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我被男同桌摸了b|干博士After more than 30 fights, the wenping gradually fell into the wind, horrified to see more and more of the spirit of the woman, heart secretly shouted, this woman is not tired?"Master wants to conquer this man?" Zhang liao surprised to look at li ru, if one track-minded, want to accept some difficult to do.The arrow was arranged by li ru, of course. At the same time of returning aguli, he sent some qiang people who were proficient in archery to move into hansui and burdang camp, pretending to be a defeated army.

"Not as good as... Do it first?"Chapter 47 heaven shall not perish I come to perish"All will obey!" Zhang liao stood up, looked at all the generals under his command, and said, "prepare for the battle. Tell those qiang people that their Lao wang has been killed by han sui. If you want revenge, take up arms and go with us to fight han sui!"Lu lingqi rolled her eyes and looked at zhou cang, saying, "uncle zhou, it's getting late, and you are tired all the way. It's better to rest for a night, even if you have to go, it's not too late to go on the road tomorrow."我被男同桌摸了b|"How many soldiers fell in battle today?" "Asked li ru.

我被男同桌摸了b|The two sides hanged together, the number of city guards is too small after all, plus these soldiers one seems to be holding the idea of suicide rushed over general, rao is liao hua brave, the city guards each life, also by these crazy soldiers forced into the wind.Can be pressed by the enemy only with the momentum of the commotion, the morale of the army down, is not the mob? But lv bu does not have any method temporarily, so-called elite, pass a field to win namely, the self-confidence that piles up still has pair of victory desire, be like the yue shi now, they desire victory, desire honor, desire harvest, it is this kind of desire, let them stand firmly behind lv bu.

The sky was dark, and the wind and snow whimpered, and the wind and snow stirred up all around them, and the visibility was less than twenty feet, but in the midst of the storm, there were some dull sounds like thunder, the sound of hoofs on the ground.Unfortunately, han sui a defeat again, a little bit will be the heart of these noble mind that a little thought polished a little not left, I do not know that han sui useless, or lu bu too severe, in a word, after lu bu came back, one after another began to accept to chang 'an academy teaching work, especially this time lu bu also brought back a woman.No one paid any attention to it, and it was driven away by the whining of the old hound by the galloping horses, and then by the trampling of iron hooves, which turned the land red with a sigh of panic, and by the fleeing cattle and sheep, which were gradually lost to the crowd, and from the beginning to the end, the army did not stop for a moment.我被男同桌摸了b|




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